Exhale (2020)

(This video is a work in progress. It will be launched in February 2021.)

For this video I made the costume design. 
The film is about being trapped inside one's body and learning to adapt to new circumstances. The video is partly shot under water, so that was a nice challenge designing a costume that would behave properly and would add movement.
 The director asked specifically for fringes in the costume, so I imagined a sea anemone. To prevent the dancer from appearing as a toreador, I radomly added different types of fringes, creating a little underwater landscape in the costume. 

Director: Moniek van der Kallen 
DoP: Erwan van Buuren 
Dancer: Alicia VerdΓΊ MaciΓ‘n 
Costume design: Juliette Mout 
Muah: Mirjam Venema 
Producer: Dyzlo Film