The Art of Walking (2019)


"We are so much in our heads that we sometimes forget our legs. Yet they are the ones who carry us and get us where we need to be. They indicate the pace, the rhythm in which we live. In The Art of Walking, carved legs come to life with the help of three (singing) players and an ingenious structure. Together with a taiko player they bring a musical ode to our legs. Walking - from stroll to march - determines the measure on which the legs are played. A playful ritual in a Japanese style, in which time stands still for a moment. "

For the scenography in this play I added an enormous floor of gravel where the footsteps of the players could be traced visually. For an extra layer of sensory experience, the sound of footsteps touching the stones was heard, as well as dust appearing visually with the performers taking bigger steps during the performance.
For the costumes I found inspiration in old japanese paintings. The wide, volouminous trousers accentuate the tightly wrapped legs, that's what the show is all about. I wanted to stay away from direct japanese references so I blended in modern shirts dyed in a more fitting colour palette. 

The Art of Walking by Kameroperahuis is the debut of Tim Hammer as a director. The production, a collaboration with De Nieuwe Oost, is part of Tim Hammer's talent development trajectory at Kasko and Ulrike Quade Company. Within this process - made possible in part by the Nieuwe Makers subsidy from the Performing Arts Fund NL - Tim is researching an innovative form of musical theatre.

Regie: Tim Hammer 
Spel: Johanna van Steen, Maarten Vinkenoog, Laurien van Rijswijk en Suzanne Bakker 
Compositie: Rénan Zelada 
Dramaturgie: Luc de Groen 
Scenografie: Juliette Mout
Poppenontwerp: Matt Jackson 
Productieleiding: Hedy Legerstee  
Techniek: Edwin Smits 
Fotografie: Erik Franssen
Artistiek advies: Ulrike Quade